What Is Hurting Griffin?

In the history of the UFC, Forrest Griffin is one of the most popular fighters, unarguably the celebrity of mixed martial art; he is the first genuine mainstream celebrity.

In 2005, he was in “the most important fight in UFC history” and in the fight he witnesses the win. That was an unforgettable victory that happened over the Stephan Bonnar in the finale of inaugural Ultimate Fighter

But this is not the only thing; Griffin is famous for, he is also notorious for some other iconic moments as well. One he has been trying to live the best part of a decade, but sadly, he can’t, and all this is because the world doesn’t allow him to do so.

The devastating 2009 knockout of Hall of Famer by Anderson Silva features in about every list of greatest Kos of MMA. It has views in millions online and the countings. This makes the memories of the worst night of career of Griffin inescapable and lingering.

Mayweather vs McGregor: Predictions, Betting, and Preview

We are about to witness one of the biggest combats in boxing history on August 26, as Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather prepare to face off each other at the in Las Vegas. This fight promises to be the biggest in boxing history till date. Mayweather is regarded as one of the greatest in UFC history, and he takes on UFC lightweight champion McGregor.

Mayweather is the five division world champion who comes into the fight with a record of 49-0. McGregor is from Ireland and he has a record of 21-3. Yet, this is being billed as the fight which could see Mayweather lose the unbeaten crown, as McGregor will be bringing something different to what Mayweather has faced up until now.


Swede fighter Alexander Gustafsson defeated his opponent Glover Teixeira in five rounds when they clashed in the main event of UFC Fight Night.

He won the anticipated bout in front of his hometown fans in Stockholm.

‘The Mauler’ has won two of the greatest heavyweight title fights in the history of the game. After the victory, he proposed to his girlfriend Moa and she accepted, meaning a double victory for the fighter in just one night.

“I hit him with bombs and he took every shot. He’s a great fighter, It’s an honour to fight him here at home in Stockholm,” Gustafsson after the fight.

They started out with feelers before they started going close range. Teixeira slammed Gustafsson to the mat but he jumped right back immediately. He hit his opponent and successfully evaded a return by Teixeira.


In a recent move, the King of the Cage has announced the signing of fourteen women’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

These athletes are expected to participate in exclusive, multi-fight contracts. Most of these fighters are from the Atomweight (105 lbs.) and Strawweight (115 lbs.) divisions.

They represent the next chapter in the history of Women’s MMA and the KOTC is looking to cut each division off at eight total.

The KOTC was birthed in 1998 and since its inception, it has maintained its goal of showcasing current stars of the women’s MMA as well as building up a number of new stars for the future.

Quite a number of women have made their professional career debuts in fights for the KOTC and some of these include Danielle Taylor, Ronda Rousey, Rose Namajunasand Michelle Waterson.

The founder and CEO of the KOTC, Terry Trebilcock made mention of the fact that they choose fighters according to their ranking in terms of marketability.


Chael Sonnen is set to face Forrest Griffing after the fighter made the announcement he is changing his weight division.

Sonnen, whose future in the UFC was uncertain courtesy of his TKO loss to middleweight champion Anderson Silver, how now decided to move up to a new weight division. Pundits see this move as a desperate move by the American gangster as he is fondly called to salvage his career.

Sonnen would now square up aginst Griffin having moved up to the 205lbs weight division. Sonnen told UFC reporters:

“Forrest is a guy who has beaten everybody, I’ve watched him win the (205-pound) world championship and he’s the one guy Jon Jones hasn’t fought.

“He’s beaten two world champions in his last three outings and on Dec 29 I will be taking on Forrest Griffin. That fight will be at Light Heavyweight.”

Forrest Griffin Makes Surprise Appearances

Forrest Griffin has several accolades under his fighting belt. He is known to be the original winner of the Ultimate Fighter.

He is also known to be the heavyweight champion in the light heavyweight category of UFC. He is now past his active fighting career. Having hung up his fighting gloves, he is known to be working in MMA promotions in many ways. He being chosen to be an ambassador for MMA makes sense on different levels. For instance, he was known to be a gregarious fighter in his heydays.

That was his reputation in the Octagon. People were punched out of him, which was a passion for him in his fighting days. After retiring from the fighting arena, he has not given up his association with the game. He helps out new fighters who move into combat fighting. He even surprises fans at different UFC events. The Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the programs that he is associated with these days.

Forrest Griffin To Come Back As Coach For TUF

When it comes to coaching young talents for the ring there is no one better than the former fame holders of UFC.

That is how Forrest Griffin would be defined. And that is what Griffin and Chuck Liddell are poised to do. Both are retired fighters from UFC Hall of Fame and are being asked to coach the potential candidates for the show The Ultimate Fighter – Latin America. This would be the third season of this reality show and hence, both are being tapped to become coaches for the candidates.

The show has been associated with these two legendary fighters for some time. Griffin has been part of the series from an early time. He had been part of Liddell’s team at that time when the first season was broadcasted in 2005. He became one of the stars of the show. He also took the crown that season, which most of fans remember. The fight had been a memorable one where he defeated Stephan Bonnar. He even brought back renewed interest in the UFC which had been waning at that time. Hence, it stands to reason that Liddell and Griffin are being asked to come back as coaches in the upcoming seasons.

Forrest Griffin visits Arnold Sports Festival; Ronda Rousey Will Not Fight A Man

Benson Henderson is trying to get into UFC Fight Night 62 in a match where he will have to fight against Erick Silva. Ben Saunders was supposed to fight Silva in UFC Fight Night 62 but that will not happen now as Saunders has suffered an injury. The event is scheduled to take place within a couple of weeks. Henderson Fought for the first time in a welterweight category match in UFC a few weeks back. He had to fight Brandon Thatch in that match and Henderson did actually manage to win that match.

There were rumours about Ronda Rousey fighting a male fighter in UFC but Ronda Rousey said that there is absolutely no chance of that happening. She said that nothing of that sort is being planned by the UFC or will ever be. She said that there’s nothing that couldn’t happen in a fight. She said that there is absolutely no scenario where it is acceptable for a man to hit a woman.