Forrest Griffin Highlights – Not Afraid!

Forrest Griffin (born July 1, 1979 in Columbus, Ohio) is an American combined martial artist and writer presently competing in the Final Fighting Championship. He is a previous UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and has a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu beneath Cameron Diffley. Forrest was 1 of the coaches on The Final Fighter: Team Rampage vs Staff Forrest, airing on Spike Tv. The other coach was then-UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, whom he went on to defeat for the title at UFC 86. In June 2009, his book, Got Fight?: The fifty Zen Rules of Hand-to-Deal with Fight, was released to great reviews Total 23 Wins 17 By knockout three By submission 7 By determination 7 Losses 6 By knockout 4 By selection two Draws Song: Eminem- Not Afraid
Video clip Rating: four / five

25 Responses to “Forrest Griffin Highlights – Not Afraid!”

  1. barneyrapesyourmom says:

    my cousin has hung out with this dude

  2. marcoh512 says:

    Just saw this video and put down all the volume and put My Curse by Killswitch Engage. The video became a whole lot better.

  3. falloutfan79 says:

    good ole’ Irish whoopass!!!

  4. GuckFoogle says:

    @Passenger87 i still think shogun would beat anderson the forrest shogun fight had a weird feel to it maybe it was because it was my two favorite fighters but i dont think it exposed shogun or anything.

  5. randompark says:

    @BlooDMarkZ Funny you were wrong

  6. Apostle0fLove says:

    Forest Will always give you a Run for your money!!

  7. hallokity123 says:

    @BlooDMarkZ fail..

  8. BlooDMarkZ says:

    @shikamarushino yes, im happy forest won, im very happy, but i wanted him to knock him out lol

  9. shikamarushino says:

    @BlooDMarkZ did you se the fight?

  10. HaverhillKids1 says:

    @iTouchYouWatch Yeah and Griffin took the fight with Silva, went in there and did his best like a man. NONE of these Forrest hatters would EVER fight Anderson. By the way, I met Forrest. Chillest dude ever.

  11. sbtrudel says:

    @Jmerritt92 after watching him make Bader look like that absolutely. Jones is too lengthy to control on the ground. And i thought Bader was the stronger fighter going in but boy was i wrong. I think Shogun will also get destroyed by Jones and Jones will be the champ for a very long time.

  12. Jmerritt92 says:

    @sbtrudel bro is it just me, or do i see jones doing the same thing to shogun too..shogun is an unbelieveable fighter but the size factor will help jones not to mention reach..shogun hasnt fought since last may, and jones is good on feet and ground and can take shogun down at will..jones will be the new champ and im putting money on him.. what do you think?

  13. sbtrudel says:

    @0XXSTR0XX1 hahahahha. dude i know. at least i got Griffin i guess. Honestly i knew Jones was the better fighter but i thought bader would catch him getting fancy. He made bader look like a bitch. As for belfort and silva. Belfort should have been a lot more agressive and gotten him against the cage. Disappointing 5 seconds of fighting. Belfort didn’t keep his elbows in a he got knocked out by a front kick. Silva is a monster.

  14. 0XXSTR0XX1 says:

    @sbtrudel wrong right wrong. ur predictions fail

  15. KoRnmunk00 says:

    the music.. unnecessary

  16. deanbauerdod says:

    Good video. Dont care for the music but the lyrics to it are good.

  17. sbtrudel says:

    I got Bader knocking out Jones. Griffin going the distance with Franklin and winning. And then Belfort getting the TKO over silva.

  18. shikamarushino says:

    @BlooDMarkZ tomorrow we will see a spectacular event of UFC, we’ll see who wins
    have a nice day

  19. BlooDMarkZ says:

    @shikamarushino yes but its just like Cro Crop vs gonzaga…Cro crop was the most talented and he underestimated Gonzaga and Gonzaga won…i believe Bader will win and i will laugh if he wins with a spinning back elbow lol

    (its ok =D)

  20. shikamarushino says:

    @BlooDMarkZ That is True, Jones is underestimating Ryan, but men, he is very talented fighter, he is like anderson Silva. He is very very Dangerous fighter and i “think” he will win.
    (sorry i don’t speak english very good :D)

  21. BlooDMarkZ says:

    @shikamarushino yes im very sure of it, Jon Jones is a good fighter but Jones is underestimating Ryan allot and that will be his downfall

  22. BlooDMarkZ says:

    @shikamarushino yes im very shure of it, Jon Jones is a good fighter but Jones is underestimating Ryan allot and that will be his downfall

  23. shikamarushino says:

    @BlooDMarkZ Bader will beat Jon Jones?¿??¿?¿
    are you sure?
    Jon Jones by TKO. Round 1

  24. BlooDMarkZ says:

    forest will beat Franklin, Belfort will beat Silva, and Bader will beat Jon Jones..thats whats gonna happen fed 5th

  25. yourandidiot1 says:

    Keyboard warriors I guarantee 1% of you bitching about forest have even thrown a punch in anger people who fight know what it is to have courage and know results are not only way to judge of a fighter.