Forrest Griffin on UFC 117 Silva vs. Sonnen

See what Forrest Griffin thinks about approaching UFC 117 Silva vs. Sonnen battle — check out the video clip!

25 Responses to “Forrest Griffin on UFC 117 Silva vs. Sonnen”

  1. FunkMastaMegaFlex says:

    @GPRendell Hey Travis Luther isn’t a nobody, but yeah he isn’t great either. His ground fighting was good enough for them to almost stop the fight, he was hitting Silva right on the head in full mount. GSP could do that no prob, but more importantly he wouldn’t get caught in some kind of crazy sub either. That’s also why I think Yushin stands a chance at beating Silva, since his wrestling has gotten good from training with Chael, and he wouldn’t get caught either. Be funny if he won by DQ HAHA!

  2. GPRendell says:

    @FunkMastaMegaFlex i could see GSP taking the win if he just kept anderson on the ground cus as u can see with some of silvas fights he gets beat up on the ground pretty bad like with one no name guy that was in the ufc and chael sonnen. but i think if silva gets a good shot on him he will def win the fight. that dude just fucks people up with his striking haha

  3. FunkMastaMegaFlex says:

    @GPRendell He might only because he looks outstanding against legends like Belfort, Franklin, and good fighters like Griffin and Marquart. Yet he looks bad against B-level fighters, and even got demolished a couple times against opponents with weak records (Takase 9-13, Chonan 18-12). Also against fighters who are good but not amazing like Sonnen and Maia have given him trouble. So from this point of view I guess a no-namer might beat Silva. Though its MMA still, and I think GSP would win maybe.

  4. FunkMastaMegaFlex says:

    @LilShaggy82 Not sure about throwing the fight, his problem was the same one with Vitor, he waited to long to attack Anderson. Sonnen attacked Anderson in the opening seconds not giving the striking magician a chance to find his range and timing. If you watch the Chonan fight where Anderson got his leg ripped off Chonan was pressuring him right after the bell too. Most people fear Anderson’s amazing striking so they watch him for a few minutes, but then regret it seconds later lol.

  5. LilShaggy82 says:

    @theguybelowmefarted griffin is a punching bag and wore rua out but for some reason lacked his punching bad abilities in the anderson silva fight…. as far as im concerned griffin threw that fight for money because he not going to be a champion any time soon and he knows this so does everyone els.

  6. theguybelowmefarted says:

    @ryansaif forrest griffin would beat the shit out of blake griffin

  7. theguybelowmefarted says:

    @LilShaggy82 griffin beat rua and silva beat griffin.. and silva has beaten guys like franklin, belfort, and henderson.. they’re pretty good fighters lol

  8. LilShaggy82 says:

    @neonblack88 anderson has yet to fight a real fighter like rua or machida or any top fighters

  9. TruNikkaz says:

    i dont think people dislike anderson because he’s black, they didn’t like what he did with some of his matches

    i think hes the best

  10. GPRendell says:

    i think anderson silva would knock gsp out quickly

  11. Kingjd87 says:


    THANK YOU! Had Anderson Silva been white half of you numb nuts wouldn’t be able to keep his dick out of your mouths. Give credit where its due based on accomplishments not skin color. It’s 2011 people….

  12. iTzMirz says:

    @Jarrodmontelius not the same weight class dumbass

  13. TheCatalystcrew says:

    @neonblack88 he bled during ufc 117

  14. TheMoparDrvr says:


  15. lenbrian says:

    if anderson was white all you haters would love him.

  16. pedro90 says:

    is it just me or does forrest remind anyone of rocky balboa?

  17. ryansaif says:

    For some reason i thought this was Blake Griffin FUCK THIS FAGGOT!!!!

  18. alrdy94 says:

    and you came to this conclusion, how? i dont recall GSP going up in weight to slap around a few 185 pounders, like Anderson, and i think after the fight between anderson and belfort, if anderson wins i would love to see gsp move up in weight to fight him, i doubt he would but still.

  19. Rileybpcrew says:

    @alrdy94 anderson

  20. alrdy94 says:

    gsp is better then who?

  21. HaloedG says:

    You need to talk to the other guy. You’re barking up the wrong tree. Those things you said are already known by me.

  22. babyface0514 says:

    @HaloedG no the world as a whole messed things up. there is no color or not colored. we all equal and we all cause the earth to be how it is. when it comes down to it, more have chosen to destroy everything and cause what has come of this earth than to embrace it for what earth has given us and become 1 with it in its own being.

  23. babyface0514 says:

    @HaloedG first off we all equal. color is color. we all bleed, we all live, we all die, its in the mind of the beholder 2 choose your own fate n choose what u and ur body is capable of.

  24. HaloedG says:

    The main reason Whites spent so much time in the past fucking things up for Blacks is because of paranoia and fear of what we have at present. Your problem is you think your White skin gives you some kind of privilege and its not that way anymore clown. The past is in the ground with your ancestors. From here on out, its in the best interest of your heritage, if you want it to survive, to get along with everyone…

  25. HaloedG says:

    If you googled it, then you should have no problem pointing specifically WHERE on the US Department of Justice the quote was taken….and guess what? Its simply out of context…just like your so called, “its niggers” argument…why is it, on record, before Europeans came and started fucking shit up for Africans, all these so called problems didn’t exist? Where are the records to that? A great deal of the problems are because of the past and Whites fucking it up for Blacks. Learn.