Forrest Griffin Pre-Fight UFC 106 Interview

Griffin talks to FanHouse’s Ariel Helwani about maturing, fighting Ortiz and a lot more. For a lot more, examine out

25 Responses to “Forrest Griffin Pre-Fight UFC 106 Interview”

  1. JohnnyBoyCali says:

    @Agness1623 ok fine hes got some skill.

  2. Agness1623 says:

    @JohnnyBoyCali Yeah your right man, Forrest has no skill at all, I mean the people he’s beaten such as the current light-heavyweight champion Shogun, three former champions and top light-heavyweights like Rich Franklin Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson are not good fighters either. Plus the fact that hes a black belt in jujitsu just shows how he is just a stand-up fighter. SIKE, your an idiot, just because he lost to the possible p4p best doesn’t mean he’s bad.

  3. JohnnyBoyCali says:

    @pearcemark Forrest started all that is wrong with MMA. MMA used to be all about who is the best fighter period. The UFC is now a watered down mainstream version of MMA with no kicks to a downed opponent. You now have guys like Forrest with no skill who just go out there and play rock and sock
    em robot fighting which douchebag MMA fans with no respect for the ground game love. Look what happened to him when he fought someone like anderson silva with real skill.

  4. ericchavez9 says:

    Forrest is the man!

  5. DodgeDweller420 says:

    @jeunegaillard ur the biggest joke on this planet

  6. AandJness says:

    @Jordans03 ya he was a cop n he passed the physical examination buh failed the mental test lol…so he retook it wen he got off drugs n passed

  7. DethGuy95 says:

    prob the most serious interview i have ever seen from Forest Thank he won tht fight

    I LUV U!!!…………….. not gay love maybe 95 %


  8. pearcemark says:

    @jeunegaillard You’re a fucking idiot. Even if you don’t like the guy, he literally started the MMA boom in america. It was his fight that got people tuning in going “This is fucking awesome, I have to watch more of this.”

    Anyone who has beaten Tito, Rampage, and Shogun can never be considered the biggest joke in the UFC. It’s fucking retarded to even think it let alone say it or type it when there are countless bums who got KO’d or subbed in a minute and never returned.

  9. MAXPAYNE4664 says:

    Great interview. Probably the best Forrest Griffin interview I’ve seen. Forrest was definitely taking things a bit more serious after that Silva loss.

  10. Xytos says:

    forrest acts retarded but the guy is actually pretty intelligent. he has ba degree in political science

  11. jeunegaillard says:

    forrest is the biggest joke ever in the ufc

  12. burning1er says:

    @davidt1991 its what pepople wanna hear

  13. davidt1991 says:

    holy crap how many times does Helwani ask about Silva?

  14. marsssone21 says:


    You are by far the best mma interviewer out there. Forrest seemed so brutally honest. I’m really glad Forrest won

  15. LazySisyphos says:


  16. rocwiler0 says:

    and he fought with a broken foot

  17. perezhomes says:

    fedorrockz he was a cop before mma

  18. ajabt says:

    that guy (interviewer) has a humongous head

  19. fedorrockz says:

    @Jordans03 he was going to be but then he started mma

  20. Jordans03 says:

    yes, he’s my favorite UFC fighter now… Just watchin his interviews I laugh, he’s so awkwardly funny and random and drugged out(he claims he doesnt but I know)

    …and he use to be a cop??

  21. Robertnuns says:

    Forrest is hilarious. Imagine getting pulled over by him if he was still a cop.

    ” well you were speeding you know, can i see you drivers licence? you dont have one? well you know , be more carefull next time.” lol

  22. Laneooo1 says:


  23. TheDillDaddy says:

    i love Forrest. Class Act guy, he needs to just take some time off and hop back on the horse.

  24. LvvL24 says:

    haha he prob. does

  25. LvvL24 says:

    he has two cats and a hamster hahaha