Forrest Griffin UFC 86 Post Fight 2008

Forrest Griffin UFC 86 Publish Fight
Video Rating: four / five

25 Responses to “Forrest Griffin UFC 86 Post Fight 2008”

  1. JasonWillFight21 says:

    I wish Forrest would’ve choked out that piece of shit reporter, whatta dick.

  2. Dilly5 says:

    Same interviewer was ready to tickle Rampage’s balls

  3. DrunkenPoetic says:

    The same interviewer interviews Rampage and tells him he thought he beat Forrest. It’s on the right-hand side.

  4. SLB161991 says:

    Bud u better watch ur mouth!!! I take GREAT offense to that!! 🙁

  5. 09Ginster says:

    screw this interviewer hope he got fired

  6. imtheworldsbest says:

    forest should have put an ass beating down on that interviewer !!1

  7. zacklyzun says:

    fuck that stupid interviewer

  8. MMan24 says:

    fuck that nigger ass reporter

  9. chitowneclipse4ggs says:

    I would’ve said fuck off to that interview idiot hes a kiss ass to rampage its a race thing with that interviewer.

  10. ozit says:

    the interviewer clearly lost money on that fight. cant believe he said that to forrest, hes so rude. forrest shouldve told him to stuff it.

  11. queeflover94 says:

    tht guy is an idiot
    like reall
    dnt ruin his moment
    he won fair and sqaure

  12. McgrorySon says:

    take a fkng nap?
    son look at ur eye

  13. NNATEEDDAWGG says:

    hahaha i should of skipped to the right and threw it again but W.e lol. thats pretty funny!

  14. jossinn says:

    The interviewer is a moron

  15. Qu33nZyunGvET718 says:

    took a nap what could u do….ha that was funny

  16. bim2x4 says:

    the interviewer is a fucking idiot

  17. AndyDQMizzle says:

    Awesome fight and Forrest definitely deserved it.

  18. screwston713ivan says:

    The following things you said, aren’t even words

    “hu, shytt, rapage, dnt, hatin, soo, sumones,”

    To the audience: This is how your average Forrest Griffin fan communicates with other people

  19. Skr3wdriv3r says:

    lol douche bag. Funny though.

  20. Rsielle says:

    How bout you get it right, ground and pound!! Not jujustsu. If you were such a great rampage fan you would know that he has known just enough to avoid most situations. Hell he even said it spike tv when he was a coach. Also stress makes people do dumb stuff, however his action was reckless. So before you comment make sure you got your facts right!!

  21. lost8411 says:

    perhaps you should do some research. Rampage is known for his ground game, and more recently his reckless disragard for innocent people, but before that, his ground game.


    fuck griffin

  23. Rsielle says:

    In all honesty I can see where, the judges gave Griffin the win, however I think it’s bull. Yes, the UFC is based on a point system, BUT Octagon control, fight control etc. is part of the point system. Watch the fight, Forrest injured him but could not finish the fight or dominate him on the ground. Forrest is suppose to be a ground fighter, last I check Rampage isn’t. I like both fighters, but facts are facts. Forrest landed great shots, Rampage had more knock downs and controlled the fight.

  24. onenationABC says:

    hu the fuk is this reporter wat a load of a huge rapage fan too but forrest one,you just got to knock it on the chin. people dnt be hatin him.its a 50/50 sport, soo sumones got to win.This time it was forrest GOOD ON YOU FORREST

  25. queensdamato says:

    oh cmon! im a huge rampage fan but ths was a real close fight, both of em deserved the win and ppl shouldnt be givin forrest such a hard time, they boo him whn he win, thn this nob interviews him, its not right, forrest won n is willin to giv rampage the rematch n respects him so y pple hatin on forrest