Forrest Griffin UFC highlights

Forrest Griffin will confront Quinton “Rampage” Jackson for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title at UFC 86 on July 5. How will the fight go down? See it stay on Shell out-Per-See.

25 Responses to “Forrest Griffin UFC highlights”

  1. ClarkRandomness says:

    the first fight i ever seen im pretty sure it was forrest griffin vs rampage jackson. and i instantly fell in love with the sport because of forrest

  2. johnmclane101 says:

    @u57600118 lol buzzkill? If you looked at my comment again you would see i wasnt trying to offend the guy i was just trying to point out to him that he made a mistake. I wasnt abusive or offensive to the guy in any way. Im not really sure why you should care what i say to another user anyway. Seems kinda strange and insecure. Maybe u should stop taking things so seriously dude.

  3. u57600118 says:

    @johnmclane101 dude chill out! so he said ufc is a sport why do u care why the hell are u the buzzkill

  4. TheAirGuitarMan says:

    @elegantenaik I hear that excuse so often, I’m not sure I believe it. And even if I did, it was Shoguns decision as a fighter to fight if he knew he wasn’t at 100%, which relates directly to his intelligence as a fighter. If he lost, it was a result of his decision, not his injury. Don’t downplay Forrest’s domination of him. Would it happen again? Not likely, I agree with you. But the first win was all Forrest.

  5. TheTikeMyson says:

    i dont like forrest much but u are right…i think forrest is the only who loves mma so much

  6. anorexicdave says:

    @thatsafreakbaby grammatical fail

  7. anorexicdave says:

    @thatsafreakbaby grammatical fail

  8. TheAirGuitarMan says:

    @thatsafreakbaby He’s 2-2 in his past 4. Thats not bad considering he’s taken on the top of the division. He ran out crying because he has too much heart, it tore him apart emotionally to lose. He takes it very serious. And even though he ended up losing, he was dominating Rashad for the majority of that fight.

    He’s fat from a joke, he’s just had a rough skid.

  9. thatsafreakbaby says:

    I have zero respect for forrest griffin he is an overated bum that got lazy and let his fans down…hes a fucking goofball he takes nothing serious and it shows cause hes gotten his ass beat down hard his last few times out there and he ran out of the cage crying like a little girl when he lost to anderson silva what a bitch

  10. deegallardo10 says:


  11. hallokity123 says:


  12. elegantenaik says:

    @Niko75full not a fit shogun

  13. joeblohhh says:

    He wouldn’t have beaten a YOUNG Tito Ortiz

  14. tanksta0wns says:

    My 3 top favorites are

    1. George St Pierre
    2. Chuck Liddell
    3. Matt Hughes

  15. ovcadva says:

    @Niko75full ecsept rashad shogun and machida

  16. AznboiY2J says:

    I <3 Forrest Griffin

  17. UFCtheiceman says:

    @johnmclane101 once i was talking to the guy my age im 15 and it was on judo training. he goes we use to do ufc in my friend garden. i though like wtf i should tell him its an organisation. one guy from the club heard him saying that he use to do ufc, we both looked at each other and told him that he means mma, he went all red and he was weird for the rest of the training

  18. sixxpakk says:

    MUST SEE! Vicious FIGHT on My Channel. Check it out!

  19. jiahkong says:

    hes okay
    but not my fav
    hes gonna get knockedout
    by rich franklin in ufc 126

  20. TheTikeMyson says:

    i dont think cuz he had problems to beat mauricio shogun rua but at least he won via RNC,anderson kills him but that acceptable cuz anderson is not human 😀 rashad deafeted him.and keith jardin :D.but i dont hate him he is not the best fighter but he has really hard training he is a hard worker

  21. NerdVictoryFilms says:

    Forrest Griffin may not have the best knockout power, but does that make him a bad fighter? Does that make his fights less exciting? Exactly, so stop whining.

  22. TheEmelianenkoFedor says:

    @Niko75full Shogun? Anderson? Stupid.

  23. karabear1692 says:

    tito ortiz is annoyying but under rated

  24. TheMihamiha999 says:

    No he have a knockout power but he don’t hit with full power he’s counter striker he i think that he can knock enibody out in light heavyweight devision

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