Forrest Griffin visits Arnold Sports Festival; Ronda Rousey Will Not Fight A Man

Benson Henderson is trying to get into UFC Fight Night 62 in a match where he will have to fight against Erick Silva. Ben Saunders was supposed to fight Silva in UFC Fight Night 62 but that will not happen now as Saunders has suffered an injury. The event is scheduled to take place within a couple of weeks. Henderson Fought for the first time in a welterweight category match in UFC a few weeks back. He had to fight Brandon Thatch in that match and Henderson did actually manage to win that match.

There were rumours about Ronda Rousey fighting a male fighter in UFC but Ronda Rousey said that there is absolutely no chance of that happening. She said that nothing of that sort is being planned by the UFC or will ever be. She said that there’s nothing that couldn’t happen in a fight. She said that there is absolutely no scenario where it is acceptable for a man to hit a woman.

She said that such a thing won’t happen ever because such a match will never be given a green signal by any sports authority. She said that in a fight both fighters have equal chances of hitting the opponent and she said it is neither acceptable nor enjoyable to see a woman being hit by a man in any scenario.

Along with the WWE professional Wrestlers, a number of Mixed Martial Artists were also seen in this year’s Arnold Sports Festival. Forrest Griffin, Dan Henderson, Randy Couture, Chris Weidman, Jon Jones, Felice Herrig, Ovince St Preux, Diego Sanchez, Andrei Arlovski were all present at the event. Earlier, Mixed Martial Arts promotions like Strikeforce, UFC etc tried to hold an event in the same time when Arnold Sports Festival would be held. This was done to take advantage of the huge popularity of Arnold Sports Festival to increase their business as well.