Post UFC 101 Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin Video clip Ranking: 2 / five

25 Responses to “Post UFC 101 Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin”

  1. peterson Florial says:

    Yo you talk mad trash right now. Got and enter the ufc and win one fight
    then u can talk. Cuz right now you never professionally fought and neither
    has dana white. 

  2. gpy001 says:

    man you don’t have to dis anyone especially if you get your ass kicked in
    the Octagon dick

  3. Casey Bright says:


  4. PopPunkUW says:

    Haha hillbillies…

  5. Rouchest says:

    MrMediaCode your a fuckin dumbass? ofcourse u can win a fighter that is
    running away from u…. , IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME… Anderson silva , IS

  6. John Farrell says:

    lol the guy in this video is the product of in-breeding…. and the
    american goverment let these people own guns? WTF

  7. Billy Vini says:

    fuckin loser

  8. Jay Whitcroft says:

    Your a moron

  9. Niloc Sivad says:

    MrMediaCode-You make no sense…Get a life somewhere other than making
    useless ignorant comments on Youtube. You probably have sex with your

  10. L Daws says:

    btw the man started all of UFC.. what the hell do u do? i’m guessing u just
    sit in your room and talk shit about people who actually have a life.. i’m
    pretty sure he knows more about fighting than u do.

  11. James Worrall says:

    Faggot!! Dnt hate hes got more money than you or your wife/sister will ever
    see in your whole life

  12. GeneralRushHour says:

    Man this guy who posted this video is an idiot…. He has told everyone
    that Silva is the best fighter since UFC 90´s

  13. iamagod00 says:

    this diude has a good point

  14. Marcus0C says:

    your wearing sun glasses inside u inbred cunt.

  15. fearIfinch says:

    He did put on a terrible performance at UFC 97 and a great performance at
    ufc 101. Idiot.

  16. King Jack says:

    Rampage would KO Anderson….yes he would……Rampage is a terrible for
    Silva, let alone anyone……Maybe Anderson should go and face Frank Mir
    like he says he wants to or Brock maybe? Frank would either take something
    off or even drop Silva and Brock would end Andersons career. Silva is
    probablly p4p no.1, but that doesnt mean shit. there is weight classes for
    a reason. Silva could not beat the elite HW’s

  17. AL says:

    dude, you know nothing about fighting.

  18. gangstasaif786 says:

    cocaine’s a hell of a drug ….

  19. Sean OiOiOi says:

    Who the fuck is Todd Wentworth? Fuck this idiot and his mullet and his pink
    shirt. I bet he has a rainbow tattoo right above his boyfriends name on his
    faggy ass. Fuck this retard.

  20. Mario1057 says:

    LMAO.. is that Nick Diaz?

  21. seanydevlin says:

    this todd guy sucks dont make any more videos theyre pretty gay

  22. bnschamp says:

    I dont like Dana White, never have and never will. But thats my opinion, i
    just dont agree with the fights he makes. Chael Sonnen is silva’s next
    opponent at middleweight WTF. And if he doesn’t take him seriously he is
    gonna put him on the undercard, Silva is just protesting the UFC industry
    and Dana hates him for it, but as long as Brock Lesnar is obeying he loves
    him. Give Anderson Silva an opponent where he has to perform and this wont
    be an issue Dana!!!

  23. Randy Moss says:

    I’m sorry brotha, but Silva didn’t perform as well as he could for a couple
    fights and then made Griffin look like a bitch. I also agree that Silva is
    the best fighter in the world. I see what you mean with the bandwagon
    thing, but Silva has proven time and time again that he’s the best. I’d be
    pissed too if I owned UFC and saw my best fighter dogging it.

  24. SPARTONmAn says:

    @Laserjohnsus you said exactly what i wanted to say. idk who this dude is
    who makes these videos but he’s a tool.

  25. carlos medina says:

    this guy looks like trash lol