Stephan Bonnar is set to return to UFC

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Stephan Bonnar will get his 2nd possibility! He is scheduled to return to UFC this July following his controversial 7-month suspension because of to his intake of steroids.

Numerous athletes have resorted to the use of steroids, which usually lead to muscle development. But the consumption of these controlled substance arrives with a great deal of hazards, which can be hazardous to the wellbeing. This is also the cause why steroids are banned by all key sporting bodies like the Olympics, NBA, FIFA and UFC.

In the case of Bonnar, the combined martial arts fighter has admittedly took the steroids simply because of his distressing elbow injuries right after his defeat in his fight with Forrest Griffin final August. Desperate to relieve the ache, speed up the healing approach, and to fight in the primary occasion back then, he has resorted to steroids but has been caught good in accordance to exams. This has resulted to his quick suspension.

Subsequent his short-term exclusion on UFC, Bonnar has lost several sponsors and has been anxiously concerned about UFC kicking him out for very good. But in accordance to UFC president Dana White, doorways are nevertheless open for Bonnar. In simple fact, he is happy with his return and welcomes him, as he deserves a 2nd likelihood.

Bonnar will prove his well worth once again in a battle against Mile Nickels at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California on July 7,2007. In accordance to Bonnar, he has been preparing for his return for some time now, producing the most out of his seven-month suspension. He has had two surgeries and has now restored his physique. Meanwhile, he spends his time coaching and acquiring prepared for his significantly-awaited battle and return to UFC.

Bonar, a thirty-yr aged mixed martial arts fighter, is also acknowledged as “The American Psycho.” He stands 6’3 in height and holds a record of twelve-three-.

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