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Ultimate Fighter Vs. The Contender, Which Will Come Out On Top

Article by David Maillie Spike Tv and ESPN are heading head to head with their most recent fact series launches. A lot more might be at stake than originally meets the eye. Boxing which used to be the mainstay of ESPN, late evening sports, sports activities bars, casinos, Pay out Per Watch and gambling, has […]

The Ultimate Fighter

Post by Kyle Prevost I have been a fan of the ultimate fighter permanently, or at least a really long time. I assume it is a great that the UFC lets their followers in on what it normally requires to be a accurate UFC fighter. I have watched the present proper from day one. The […]

The Ultimate Fighter

Article by hello there joiney SeasonsThe Supreme Fighter: Crew Liddell vs. Crew Ortiz (March 31, 2010 – June 2010) – MiddleweightsThe Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights (September sixteen, 2009 December five, 2009) HeavyweightsThe Final Fighter: United States vs. United Kingdom (April one, 2009 June twenty, 2009) Welterweights and LightweightsThe Final Fighter: Crew Nogueira vs. Crew Mir (September […]