Forrest Griffin Video Rating: four / 5


  1. weepaul666 says:

    @199jl I dont care what his mma record says. Anderson beat Okami. Okami even admits that

  2. SammyKwiek says:

    @tjrobot silva vs gsp will only happen WHEN gsp beats shields

  3. SammyKwiek says:

    @tjrobot silva vs gsp will only happen WHEN gsp beats shields

  4. likesomeboodee says:


  5. tjrobot says:

    silva vs gsp will only happen if gsp beats jakes sheilds

  6. iRandyyyyy says:

    @199jl Seriously you’re gonna say he was the last man to beat Silva?!?1 WOW! Okami’s soul belongs to Silva he may have the dq but saying he beat Silva is just dumb.

  7. ThaOneChrisJONES says:

    @Werdxp I don’t hate on Anderson’s skills, just on the showboating bullshit he did. Before all the showboating and dissrespect he did in fights against Maia and all that I was a huge fan. Now I respect him for his skills and being so deadly but I don’t care too much for his attitued.

  8. chrizzjizz says:

    Lol @ 1:49, the eyes you make at zuffa lmao

  9. ginogeno says:

    You were right Anderson Silva is the Bruce Lee reincarnate, Steven Seagal was the the fight and Anderson used the same kick that Segal was telling him to use in a fight a year ago when Steven SEgal and anderson were training together.

  10. Werdxp says:

    Jesus people will still continue to hate on Silva. Haters gonna hate but we all know Anderson is one of the best in the world. You cannot deny that fact.

  11. PhukAdvertisements says:

    I said Belfort would get K.O’d yesterday. Anybody who knows MMA knew that Belfort’s style was tailor-made for a striker like Silva. Belfort is still a beast, but that was an amazing K.O. I figured Belfort would push the pace & rush Silva from the jump. But another highlight reel knockout for Silva was inevitable, because the fact is there’s not a fighter on the planet that can touch Silva’s stand-up… his knockouts are always amazing… Leben, Franklin, Griffin, Belfort… Silva = P4P best.

  12. dels323 says:

    i told u a knockout was guaranteed!!!

  13. MillenniumTV says:

    Gsp vs Silva? Really! lol

  14. unclepudge says:

    Well….it was outmatched now…..Anderson is undisputed since 2006…..what about belfort?He only stands on a victory when he was 19.

    No comparison dude…

  15. deathlord619 says:

    Silva is truly great but what annoys me is that i think he can do stuff like this in every fight. The question is why doesn’t he? I know every fight is different but Silva just lands these epic blows on great fighters and contenders.

  16. QuincyAD87 says:

    @wolverine5509 GSP is not in Silva’s league. All he does is lie on top of people like a flaming faggot. He hasn’t stood up with anyone since he got knocked out by Serra. Don’t mention Koscheck either because Kos is nothing but a sloppy brawler. Anderson Silva is the greatest middleweight in MMA history and mark my words—He will put GSP in a permenant coma.

  17. KingKawala says:

    Belfort fan boy huh? should not have doubled Silva. I made 250 dollars, because it is predictable. Pick the guy that holds all the records and the belt. easy.

  18. rbdn1000 says:

    Poor GSP!

  19. 28rampage says:

    no suprise to me i knew silva would do him in, belforts never been the same since he’s been off the roids

  20. stoopidn00b says:

    @199jl after gsp beats him he might not get a title shot at 205

  21. wolverine5509 says:

    My boy gsp would whoop that ass. Fuck anderson silva. He is a shit talkin show boating piece of shit.

  22. optimusman88 says:


  23. Mellomel says:

    Good commentary. Lol @ your copyright statement at the end. You’re right about that too! Ha ha.

  24. SUPATRUKA says:

    The GSP fight will have the same result. Anderson Silva is the greatest. UFC is gonna have to do an extensive search to find someone that can match his skills. Maybe some poor guy that has been training everyday in the jungle for 25 years because he has nothing else to live for.

  25. reppin251 says:

    front snap kick, FTW!