UFC 126 Video Fight Review – Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort

Forrest Griffin Video clip Rating: four / 5

25 Responses to “UFC 126 Video Fight Review – Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort”

  1. DiminishedStudios says:

    Make your bed! 🙂

  2. LumpyAdams says:

    Vitor does not have better hands than Anderson. Faster? Maybe, but not better.

  3. geraldosueli1 says:

    e fresco

  4. wallinmelody says:

    belfort was out of range .. because he knew if you get to close .. he was gonna get lit up with knee blows and punches .. dont understand the fear people have on silva .. shit aint normal man .. the dude knows to much … belfort know if he fucks up its over .. so all that .. gameplan out of range bullshit .. nah bra .. you go out there and fight silva .. whats your range ?? 3 feet ?? lmao .. ok .. good luck ..

  5. geovanodouglas says:

    vai arrumar a sua cama seu doidoooo, preguiçoso.

  6. TruthinWWE says:

    You’re an idiot for thinking Anderson would lose… haha jk but I was pulling for Anderson the whole way

  7. TrevorHarris881 says:

    @BigboyDownStairs that’s true I meant kickboxing range.

  8. BigboyDownStairs says:

    I enjoyed your video. However I hate to be one of those guys but the comment you made about the muay thai range being an outside fight is completely false. I’ve been training muay thai for about 5 years and we’ve always preffered closer combat than compared to other styles. Remember elbows, knees & MT clinching are a huge part of our style and can only be performed from close range. The outside fighting range style your thinking of sounds like kick boxing to me, but definetely not muay thai.

  9. tuikalavo says:

    easier said than done…

  10. enterthesleep says:

    The idea that “putting pressure” on Silva is the key to victory is pretty goddamn stupid. He’s a counter striker who typically feeds off the aggression of his opponents. Leben ring a bell? Vitor was actually stalemating Silva until he started firing big lefts. As soon as he got the takedown and started swinging (and missing) at Silva, he sealed his fate as Anderson got his timing down and subsequently smashed his face.

    The guy to beat Anderson is obviously a top position GRAPPLER with sub d

  11. enterthesleep says:

    Belfort does NOT and I repeat NOT have better boxing than Silva, he’s just a better puncher. He has no jab, an only passable sense of distance and timing and pretty much no head-movement. Silva is a master of range, timing footwork, angles and distance not to mention his head movement is the best in MMA (jab is second only to BJ Penn).

    Tomas Rios of all people has a good break down of the fight on his blog.

  12. enterthesleep says:

    @encounter50 Okami is nothing like Sonnen. Yushin is a slow plodding grinder who works from the clinch and uses boxing to get inside and trip/body lock. Sonnen is an explosive power double guy who is aggressive to a fault and chain wrestles the crap out of the opponent. The fight between the two really exposed the gap in wrestling.

    Silva already dominated Okami to a DQ and though they’ve both improved, Silva’s movement, efficiency, footwork and striking arsenal is a LOT better now.

  13. terino6 says:

    u should’nt make up exscuses why vitor lost dude,in a fight both are unpredictable and a fight is a fight! just tell us that u were WRONG in your prediction and admit that Anderson is the best by far.I can already tell u are a Anderson hater and it’s nice to see your video after the aftermath.Anderson does’nt have to pull anything out of his ASS IT’S CALLED SKILL.gsp would get murdered!

  14. 000570 says:

    @TrevorHarris881 after what he did against Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort I easily forgot about the Maia fight. As long as Silva performs to his potential I’m a fan.

  15. ANonCoolName says:

    Silva caught Belfort. He looked like he was going for a front stomach kick so if you watch Belfort goes to block low but is suprised and gets caught. Love him or hate him, Silva is the best pound for pound fighter in the MMA. And I absolutely love watching him fight. Its only time untill the hype for GSP v. Silva fight builds up so much that they actually do it. And as a huge fan of both, I think it will be one of the greates fights in history.

  16. jazzbass321 says:

    I personally think Anderson is too big for GSP and will really hurt him. Before they even announce it, Anderson Silva by knockout!!!

  17. klinfuss says:

    vai arruma essa cama

  18. timothyohara84 says:

    His hands arent better than Silvas! Vitor just relys more on boxing so you see him box more than you see Silva box… Silva destroys everyone! Why be surprised he smashed Vitor. Chael was juiced up and Silva’s doctor told him not to fight because of his ribs… He still came out pretty much unscaved. Anyone who weighs in at the same weight with Silva and steps in the cage with him the following nite will get demolished… ANYONE!!! GSP might make it outside of round 1 if he runs enough…

  19. timothyohara84 says:

    His hands arent better than Silvas!

  20. adnanabbasi1992 says:

    @TrevorHarris881 yea. there is no doubt in my mind now that Anderson is the best fighter in the world. And so is gsp. GSP vs. Silva will be the fan favorite fight. I think GSP and Jon Jones are the only guys that can beat him.

  21. encounter50 says:

    @TrevorHarris881 you are right, he isn’t as good of a wrestler as cheal, but also think of it this way. Marquart isn’t an easy guy to takedown and look what okami did to him. To be honest I think it comes down to who is a better man on that night and which Okami shows up. If the Okami who defeated Marquart shows up then think Anderson will lose, but u never know cause Anderson makes miracles happen like nothing.

  22. TrevorHarris881 says:

    @encounter50 I hear what you are saying but think of it this way. He isn’t as good of a wrestler as Chael and he isn’t as good of a striker as Vitor. lol so what chance does he really have?

  23. encounter50 says:

    @TrevorHarris881 I know exactly what you are talking about, but that was back in pride. Now Okami is a different and more dynamic fighter. He was a 6-1 underdog in the Marquart fight, and he won that fight like nothing.

  24. TrevorHarris881 says:

    @SGrulez1 exactly bro. It is definitely getting to that point right now. I just don’t know. Anderson vs GSP is going to be sick. Check out my prediction video for it if you haven’t and sub if you haven’t already.

  25. TrevorHarris881 says:

    @adnanabbasi1992 Me too man. I was extremely surprised at the result. I never would have thought it would end like that. It looked as if Vitor had no chin, but who knows man that kick was lightning fast. Vitor didn’t even move to defend it so it must have been powerful as all hell. Sub if you haven’t.