UFC 96 Preview: Rampage can’t take Dean of Mean lightly

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Looks the UFC pumps out a new scorching on the web sports betting event every week, doesn’t it? Hey, I’m not complaining. The fighters get far better with every single card and we’re seeing spectacular knockouts – the type that make you and your buddies yell “ohhhh!” — far more frequently than not.

UFC 96 betting features a couple of veteran fighters looking for redemption and some up-and-comers trying to make names for by themselves. As constantly, there’s a least a single sneaky sportsbook pick that could turn MMA betting enthusiasts into massive winners appear Saturday, March 7.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (29-seven) vs. Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine (14-5-1)

Does Keith Jardine have any actual fans out there who aren’t related to him? For a “striker,” who employs several kick-oriented attacks, he sure doesn’t finish fights very typically just six of his 14 wins arrived by means of knockout. And what is with the disgusting soul patch dangling from his chin? Most MMA betting enthusiasts want to see Jardine’s opponents beat the facial hair off his face, and the Jackson vs Jardine line is no exception.

Primarily based on Jardine’s latest battle background, his detractors may well get their wish and see him flattened in the octagon. Right after all, within his previous four fights (2-2), Wanderlei Silva and Houston Alexander both tore him to shreds in much less than a moment. It’s essential to note, although, that Silva and Alexander have been both brutal matchups for Jardine because they’re incredibly aggressive fighters who walk forward through their fights.

Jardine, not an elite fighter but undoubtedly no slouch, excels versus counterpunchers. Inside his previous four fights, his wins have been massive ones – Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin, the two of whom have been counterpunchers. Jardine seized the opportunity and grew to become the aggressor in those fights. Why is this information crucial? Because Rampage Jackson is a counterpuncher.

That is right – Rampage is appropriately favored at -300 but Jardine is a very poor matchup for him on paper. If Rampage remains his typical patient self, Jardine might capitalize and score points with a flurry of strikes. Still, even although Jardine gives honest value at +240, selecting him would be a misstep for MMA betting fans.

Even although Jardine scored large victories more than Griffin and Liddell, neither opponent was in his prime at the time Griffin was green and hadn’t however developed his ground game whilst Liddell was above the hill. The powerful Rampage is nevertheless at or in the vicinity of the top rated of his game and won’t wilt so effortlessly. Because Jardine can’t knockout the sturdy-chinned Jackson, allow by yourself any person, and since he can’t top Rampage’s excellent wrestling on the ground, his only likelihood is to beat Rampage on factors. In principle, that could occur since Rampage is a counterpuncher and could hang again. But people who bet UFC ought to keep in mind that Rampage adds brains to his brawn. He prepares nicely for fights, so don’t be astonished if he switches up his design and decides to walk forward towards Jardine.

Decide on Rampage to beat Keith Jardine, most likely through knockout, and join Lyoto Machida as a co-range-a single contender in the light heavyweight division.

Other UFC betting lines of curiosity…

Gabriel Gonzaga

has the “title value” benefit in opposition to Shane Carwin but I really don’t think he deserves the recognition. Aside from his lucky kick versus Mirko Cro Cop, he’s carried out absolutely nothing. Why not go with the undefeated Carwin at +160? This could be the very last time he gives that kind of value.

Great ole Matt Hamill looks to bounce endlessly between about fifth and 10th on the light heavyweight ladder. He loses towards actual competitors but beats up the nobodies simply. At 5-, Mark Munoz could surprise, but he’s a nobody for now…so pick Hamill.

He looks tough and “the Bully” is a challenging nickname but, boy oh boy, Gray Maynard hasn’t demonstrated he can complete a fight, with just one genuine knockout (except if you count the one about Rob Emerson in which Maynard knocked himself out at the exact same time). He’s still a very good wrestler, not to point out undefeated, so fight enthusiasts really should stick with Maynard towards Jim Miller.

Bear in mind when MMA betting circles utilized to hype Kendall Grove? I ain’t buyin’ it any longer and Group Penn members seem to be on a cold streak, so why not consider Jason Day as a likely upset at the sportsbook?

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