UFC Forrest Griffin Highlights

Verify out some highlights from the job of UFC superstar Forrest Griffin.
Video clip Rating: four / 5

25 Responses to “UFC Forrest Griffin Highlights”

  1. rustud187 says:

    griffen is a bad ass abd tough as nails

  2. SuperCFC1905 says:

    My Favourite Fighter….

  3. brettkind says:

    heยดs a f*ucking fight mashine!

  4. domin8tor01 says:

    Forrest Griffin is a G!

  5. sphinxscu2 says:

    @claygolem200 No way, Griffin is hilarious. Tito just talks shit. Griffin is genuinely quick witted and goofy.

  6. claygolem200 says:

    @MrFlattGuitar Tito is a hell lot funnier though lol

  7. elsborg2300 says:

    Forrest Griffin!!
    “There goes my hero, odd and hairy!” ๐Ÿ˜€
    – No seriosly though, you’re an awesome fighter!!

  8. TheNumberOneNoob says:

    thx for the three seconds of highlights and one minute and forty seconds of working out

  9. shevegen says:

    Well rounded fighter.

    Not one of the best hitters or strikers but has a solid technique.

  10. ThatBeastyKidJames says:

    @XxPhillipXxx I likes seeing him knock out rampage, with a punch!

  11. freefighteeer says:


  12. flamezero888 says:

    Glad to see all the love Forrest is getting here, but to all the haters. What have you done with your lives, huh? Exactly nothing, you can sit back on you fat asses, and bash Forrest all day, but let’s see you get in the octagon with Bonnar, Quinton or Rua, and beat them.

  13. XxPhillipXxx says:

    i love forrest even if he loses even if hes getting owned he seems to be able to make the fight interesting

  14. izakb88 says:

    does anyone know the song ?????

  15. jakethesicknessbarto says:


  16. duckvicious says:

    Forrest Griffen is my favorite fighter to watch…plus he is so hot.

  17. induna7 says:

    Griffin Vs. Bonnar, best fight in history

  18. VBCABC123 says:

    @MrRandycouturefan another key thing in this fight is big fight experience, forrest griffin has had a lot of big fight experience with some of the best in the world and the best in the world and his stand up is technically much better than cantwell…..so my view on this fight would be for a griffin win by a decision! hope this helps you out ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. VBCABC123 says:

    @MrRandycouturefan even when he lost to evans, jardine and horn..he was right in the fights until he got caught which could be a problem with cantwell bcus he is quite heavy handed, i believe griffins kicks are much harder and tht griffin is a more intelligent fighter, and very good on the ground but cantwell is a black belt in bjj so its close on the ground! I think this kind of fight would come down to heart and determination which not many fighters can compare to forrest griffin with.. part 2

  20. VBCABC123 says:

    @MrRandycouturefan steve cantwells record is 10 – 7/3/0 the biggest names he has fought is luiz cane, in which he lost to by decision, and brian stann to which he fought 3 times and lost twice. Now if you look at the roster of fighters forrest griffin has fought, (silva, ortiz, jackson, shogun, jardine, jeremy horn, bonnar, evans) yes he hasnt beaten them all but apart from the silva fight he has been right in the fight and on top of the opponents. Part 1

  21. MrRandycouturefan says:

    @MrFlattGuitar No crap fool you could beat Tito probably if you trained good and got off your lazy ass. Tito is 20% of what he once was.

  22. MrRandycouturefan says:

    @VBCABC123 Now that the WEC is merging with UFC do you think that Steve Cantwell can waste Forrest? Sounds like you know your shit dude. I think Forrest would defeat Steve cantwell or whatever in heavens name that dudes name is.

  23. DaBomb3434 says:

    @bofohandsome your a fucking idiot rember when forrest kicked rampage jackson’s ass and shogun’s ass and titos ass twice and chael sonnen’s ass. You can’t judge someone by one fight.

  24. mikeguitar630 says:

    whats the name of the song

  25. MidnightGiggles says:

    shit lesnar appears at 0:32 he looks ANGRY!!