UFC Undisputed 2009 Online 10 – Blame Truth (Forrest Griffin) vs. Bubba Beret (Rashad Evans)

Forrest Griffin Online video Ranking: 4 / five

25 Responses to “UFC Undisputed 2009 Online 10 – Blame Truth (Forrest Griffin) vs. Bubba Beret (Rashad Evans)”

  1. lennex88 says:

    he has a xbox dumbass

  2. Svr2008luver says:

    5 kick barrage

  3. Marcus Axelsson says:

    i dont think its sped up

  4. GregoryPunzo says:

    idk if ne 1 else was havin this prob, but the video can only be watched in
    normal quality. i have my settings set so it automatically does high but it
    wasn’t workin till i changed it to normal

  5. only1timeful says:

    and you are gay my friend

  6. Svr2008luver says:

    LOLL thanks great tipp

  7. Mike Nguyen says:


  8. didierdebbaut says:


  9. StupidIsAsHumanDoes says:

    Back mount, in real life, is far less dominate then full mount. I’m not
    sure how it works in the game, as I only have the demo. Bubba also attempts
    to roll when he is first put into mount.

  10. SirPromenade says:

    O I C, by beating someone with a rear naked choke with Forrest. You were
    trying to get the audio from UFC 76 when he choked out Shogun. I noticed
    that too, that use audio from real fights in this. If you’re kicking
    Forrest’s ass they’ll say “Forrest Is In Trouble!!” & Jon Fitch has some
    audio too. I just played it today & got audio from the Liddell/Jardine
    fight when i was using Chuck. LoL


    you know blame, when you have the back side control, you can go for a
    submission, and it will automatically transition into a rear naked choke.
    then you can just let it go, and now you have back control.

  12. Jamal Witherspoon says:

    Hey BT is that your GF in the picture?

  13. anthony diaz says:

    fight me my record is 589 win and 18 losses username anthony21771

  14. Loganator259 says:

    i love watching these but u got to like ufc or boxing if u dont than u prob
    wont like these

  15. titsmgee215 says:

    wrestlers arent supposed to be good on their back unless they suck ass at
    wrestling and stare at the lights all match.

  16. Thomas Toma says:

    i bet i could beat you blame truth but i bet it would be a good fight …if
    you want to add me as a friend and ill tell you my profile name ….just
    add me on youtube and ya then ill tell you my ps3 name …….. im looking
    forward to it

  17. rBKscrandom says:

    these are the vids i wanna see, no more cod 4. this shit is actually fun to
    watch now.

  18. PureInstiincts says:

    @BlameTruth My fucking controller turns off and I fucking hate it, Oh yeah
    when he was doing a fucking arm bar fucking piece of shit online.

  19. nutsack666 says:

    if you really wanted to RNC him you should have put him in rubber gaurd and
    transition and take his back like that.

  20. Sm1thrul3s says:


  21. MisterFallout says:

    you think UFC is boring? Wow kid…

  22. superbasspro1 says:

    good fight but you should of threw the head kicks earlier in the fight but
    it is what it is. i enjoyed the fight

  23. aTastySnickers says:

    Does anybody know how to fake transition on this game.

  24. carter sipes says:

    so they havnt fixed any of the problems? i havnt played anything online
    since about april. im not that great of a ufc player, my rank is only 37 i
    think with a 5 fight differance in wins and losses, i just got tired of
    every time i win a fight and break my losing streak, the next fight they
    always disconnect and the win doesnt count. that blows if they havnt fixed
    it though, and also have they updated the roster? agian my ps3 has not been
    connected to the internet since april ish

  25. Ryan Lee says:

    did anyone see the ultimate fighter with kimbo slice in it. does anyone
    think he will get to the ufc??