Vitor Belfort & Forrest Griffin Training

Forrest Griffin Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Vitor Belfort & Forrest Griffin Training”

  1. TheLostDragon23 says:

    @dankaren95 How do you know he underestimated him? Forrest has beaten some quality fighters including Shogun, and Rich Franklin. To say that he doesn’t deserve to be where he is is ludicrous. Your claim that Rampage wouldn’t look as much like a bitch against Anderson as Forrest did is silly. You are still a child so I guess it’s understandable..

  2. dankaren95 says:

    @TheLostDragon23 Yes, I did know Forrest beat Rampage via unanimous decision. Remember, however, that Rampage under estimated Forrest. As a result, it lost via points. If you would look at it carefully, Rampage is a much better fighter than Forrest. At least he would look like a bitch fighting Anderson Silva. Anyhow, if you find the Forrest is a great fighter, then so be it. It’s your prerogative. BTW, I know a lot about martial arts.

  3. TheLostDragon23 says:

    @dankaren95 You do know that Forrest beat Rampage for the LHW title right? 0.o Clearly you are some child who is just learning about this sport.

  4. TEB055808 says:

    @dankaren95 You didn’t even tell me why Forest is a wanna be fighter? lol all you did were give me names of other great fighters that made no sense.

  5. TEB055808 says:

    @dankaren95 He beat some of the best ranked fighters in the world. And he also got beat by the best what no name beat Forest? he aways fighting eitle fighters so that means hes part of the eitle.

  6. TEB055808 says:

    @dankaren95 And how is he a wanna- be fighter? lol hes a pro and fights for the UFC you can’t be a wanna- be fighter if your a professional fighter fighting for the biggest MMA organization not only that but the fomer UFC LW champion lol one of the original TUF and the frist one to win the show in the LW desvion. And he aways gives good brawls! fight of the night three time! and submisson of the night night off sho Gun. one of the biggest MMA upsets, got more

  7. dankaren95 says:

    @TEB055808 I wouldn’t say that b/c I do watch many fights. How about if I give you some examples of great fighters? Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, Chuck Liddell, Jon Jones, Machida, Rampage, GSP, Penn, W. Silva. Based on how Griffin fights, I think he sucks. Watch him and compare him with others and find out for yourself.

  8. TEB055808 says:

    @dankaren95 First off for just saying that tells us you don’t really watch the fights lol Please tell us why you think Forest sucks?

  9. LenchMob97 says:

    @dankaren95 lol wtf shut up

  10. dankaren95 says:

    Forrest Griffin sucks. There are fighters and fighters-wanna-be. Forrest is a prime example of that.

  11. xabcx says:

    @2:05 “fall” smacks head”

  12. LowLeveledPower says:

    Griffin ACTUALLY walks around at 230 but cuts weight to 205 so a shitload of him is muscle mass, same for Matt Hughes

  13. DMTwannaB says:

    Nice leg sweep Forrest!

  14. gocubs1815 says:

    That would have been an awesome fight had Vitor stayed at 205

  15. filipinoking55 says:

    lol its suprising how strong forrest actually is they need to up his stats in ufc 2011 haha

  16. OMGitisOliver says:

    @xortega2004 Anderson would tear the living shit out of Vitor….no doubt…………wait he already did.

  17. bigchief70 says:

    Nice knee tap forrest! owwwfff!

  18. weepaul666 says:

    @Xytos LMFAO. This is actually Forrest and Vitor training together. Fail

  19. Xytos says:

    SO FAKE you dont look like forrest at all. the vitor guy is pretty close though

  20. bourne2drum says:

    @SaleLFC he’s fighting franklin!! if forrest trains with vitor, forrest should have a good handle on franklin

  21. Grifinmod says:

    even is sparring Vitor was being controlled pretty easy…I like Vitor..always have, maybe this is is just scenario training in this small clip, but I hope he defends better against Anderson!

  22. becomewhatiam says:

    @SaleLFC Madachoter bachaa tor mayer bhodai aroni dhukbey…..they are trainng buddy ,

  23. zmac815 says:

    Rich Franklin dislikes this.

  24. sexoja23 says:

    @Valquiria747 estão a treinar amiga lol

  25. xortega2004 says:

    @fuckingkimura Belfort would tear the living shit outta griffin….. no doubt